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Since 1934, Red Seal Development Corp. has established itself as one of Chicago's most acclaimed builders. The company's leaders are supported by a staff of employees all wholly dedicated to excellence and to providing the highest quality of service to Red Seal's customers.

David A. Hoffman, Chairman
Todd Fishbein, President and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Hoffman, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
Michael Larsen, C.E., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Shari Scheck, Controller
Michelle Conner, Accounting Manager & Contract Administrator
Brigetta Sentman, Human Resources
Julie Whitley, Architectural Design & Coordination Director
Tea Buric, Architectural Design & Coordination Associate
Valerie Wagner, Service Manager
Carrie Matthies, Sales Manager
Karen Schmid, Sales Manager
Laurie Richards, Sales Manager
Janet Cavanaugh, Closing Administrator
Rob Smith, Superintendent


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